Is Living Waters for me?

“Where can I go to share my pain and struggle? Will anyone listen to me? How can I find hope in my struggle? I’m alone and afraid to tell anyone what’s really in my heart.”

Such thoughts and questions plague many Christians. The discipleship and prayer ministry of Living Waters addresses the roots of sexual and relational issues that ensnare Christians into unhealthy living.

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Dates:  starts Thursday, 26 Oct (20 weeks with three Saturday sessions)
Time: 7:00pm - 9:00pm
Location: Chapel, Coast Christian Fellowship
Leaders: Kevin & Nita Klonoski
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Additional Information About Living Waters

Why would someone go to Living Waters?

If you are struggling with:
Fear and Insecurity
Marital problems
Effects of abuse
Sexual addiction or promiscuity
Inability to trust
Anger or unforgiveness
Fantasy and Masturbation
Gender identity issues
Unwanted same-sex attraction
Shame and self-hatred

What is Living Waters?

Living Waters is an in-depth, Christcentered program for people seeking healing in areas of relational brokenness.
A healing, teaching and discipleship series, Living Waters addresses the reality that we are all broken in our ability to love others well. The goal of Living Waters is to lay a foundation for sexual and relational wholeness in our lives.

Through the worship, teaching, prayer, and small groups of Living Waters we learn about:
  • God's powerful love for us and how Jesus is central to our hope for wholeness 
  • The depth of our brokenness and our profound need for Him 
  • The power of the Cross to restore our souls, sexuality, and relationships 
  • The process of walking out our healing 
  • Our place in the church and loving others honorably
Who is Living Waters for?
Living Waters applies to everyone but is particularly relevant to those struggling with same sex attraction, gender identity, sexual promiscuity or addiction, effects of sexual abuse, codependency, selfhatred, or the inability to love others well. Thankfully, Christ's capacity to touch and restore us at deep levels of shame and brokenness extends to all of us, regardless of the specifics of our issue.

What will I learn?
Some topics addressed include:

  • Acknowledging our need for God
  • How "the fall" affects our sexuality and relationships · Receiving the Father's love
  • Who we are as men and women
  • The cross and confession
  • Renouncing our idols · Reconciliation between men and women
  • Roots of gender brokenness
  • Healing from sexual abuse · Restoring the true self through the cross
  • Understanding and overcoming temptation · Overcoming sexual addiction · Embracing the church as our healing community · Building healthy relationships
  • Walking as mature Christians

2023 Class Schedule & Description

 Date                                 SECTION & CHAPTER TITLES
 Section 1: Love Revealed
26 OctChapter 1: Reclaiming the Gift 
2 NovChapter 2: Acknowledging Our Need 
9 NovChapter 3: Becoming Responsive to the Father's Love (Sense of Being) 
16 NovChapter 4: The Fighting Father  
30 NovChapter 5: Revealing Christ Through the Gift of Our Bodies (Chastity) 
 Section 2: The Broken Self
7 DecChapter 6: Imago Dei - Cross & Confession 
14 DecChapter 7: Renouncing Idols 
4 Jan 24Chapter 8: Overcoming Addiction Through Communion 
11 JanChapter 9: How Wounds Can Make Us More Whole 
18 JanChapter 10: Identifying Brokenness, Resuming the Journey  
25 JanChapter 11: Broken Boundaries (Abuse)
 Section 3: Restoring the True Self
3 Feb*Chapter 12: The True Self Forgives (Mother, Father, Church) 
8 FebGenerational Healing 
17  FebChapter 13: The True Self Aspires to Wholeness, Refuses Despair                                         (Spirit of Death Prayer) 
22 FebChapter 14: The True Self Unites with God - Overcoming Narcissism 
29 FebChapter 15: The True Self Loves His or Her Gender 
7 MarChapter 16: Offering the Gift (Breaking One Flesh Unions) 

Section 4: Learning to Love
16 MarChapter 17: Restoring Women's Honor (Misogyny) 
16 MarChapter 18: Restoring Men's Honor (Misandry) 
21MarChapter 19: For the Bride (Blessing the Church) 
4 AprChapter 20 Hope & Wholeness
 * - Sat Session 

How is Living Waters presented?
Living Waters is a 20-lesson program taught in a closed group format. The leaders have been trained and a confidentiality policy is in place to help ensure trust and safety in the group.

Each meeting includes:

WORSHIP - We focus our attention and praise on God rather than on our problems.

THE WORD - Living Waters teachings combine psychological insights and biblical truths that help us to know both God and ourselves better.

THE WORKS OF JESUS - Through healing prayer in large and small group settings, we invite the Holy Spirit to heal our various wounds. We bring our sins, and those committed against us, to the Lord who is faithful to set us free.

Foundational to Living Waters is the reality that God created us in His image as male and female. Therefore, we value men and women working out their healing together. Great healing comes as men and women both minister and receive alongside one another, thereby reflecting God's intention and character. (Small group ministry time is single gender, but both genders participate together in worship, teaching, and prayer in the large group.) Living Waters uses a detailed guidebook that includes teachings, questions and additional readings that help us move from brokenness to maturity.

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You are invited to join us for worship this Sunday. Our service takes place on Sunday mornings at 10am online or in-person!